If leadership and team work are the keys to success then there is nowhere better to sharpen these skills than with the elite teams of the UK’s Special Forces. Many aspects of Special Forces work, such as the need to define objectives and to plan the logical moves to achieve them, can be applied to challenges faced in today's high-speed, high-tech business world. For the first time in the UK we can pass these unique skills onto the commercial world, and show how the SAS has earned its uncompromising reputation.

The lessons and experience gained from this unique special forces training can be successfully applied to great effect in your organisation and are of particular relevance in high pressure 'mission critical' environments. Real or metaphorical, when the pressure’s on and bullets start flying you need to have 100% confidence in yourself and your team!

Instructors teach individuals and teams the techniques for productive team work, using methods that have evolved during years of Special Forces experience and training. They apply whether your team is rescuing hostages, driving a project to a successful conclusion or closing that important deal.

All equipment and clothing issued to the participants reflects as accurately as possible that used by actual rescue teams. Instructors are similarly dressed, which allows everyone to feel and act the part. The fully working weapons used are simulations that carry no risk of serious injury. All participants are provided with protective clothing and receive a full safety briefing at the start of the training.
SAS Style Hostage Rescue
Leadership and teamwork are the keys to success both in the military and in business. From the military viewpoint there are no better examples of these qualities than the elite teams of Britain’s SAS.
Special Forces Activity Day
The SAS are famous for having formidable fighting skills at their fingertips. Now you can learn these skills and employ them in exciting and adrenaline-filled all action scenarios, in a single day course!