The unique experiences packages that Uptownexperiences™ offers the most exhilarating and exceptional experiences in the world; a customised, branded experience for customers, clients and staff. Whether it's delivering ‘Dream come True’ experiences for Marketing programmes, or designing ‘Out of Comfort Zone’ experiences for Corporate Teams, they are all ‘adrenalised’ to create standout and deliver results.

Uptownexperiences™ is proud to bring you the new generation of experiences. We utilise adventures like sailing in the city, Special Forces activity days, extreme rally driving and skydiving all the way to the most extravagant and exuberant day spas in New York to create an environment of enlightened spirit or focused achievement.
Sailing in the City
Just outside ExCeL in London’s Royal Victoria Docks Uptownexperiences™ has a unique offer of providing an un-surpassed exciting sailing experience.

Corporate hospitality, team building, staff reward, incentives, race days, city challenges, inter-industry challenges the opportunities are endless. Take the DLR, step out of your suit and into some sailing gear!
Special Forces Activity Day
If leadership and team work are the keys to success then there is nowhere better to sharpen these skills than with the elite teams of the UK’s Special Forces.

Many aspects of Special Forces work, such as the need to define objectives and to plan the logical moves to achieve them, can be applied to challenges faced in today's high-speed, high-tech business world.